(Blu-ray) Augmented Reality Girls Trinary

(Blu-ray) Augmented Reality Girls Trinary

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Release Date:10/01/2018
Catalog Number: BSTD-3999

Packaged Bonus:

◆Deluxe CD (Content: Audio Drama)
◆Video Bonus
[MV01-05: Character Song Music Videos for all 4 Heroines]
・Sigh-nage by Ayami Kunimasa (CV: Mitsuki Nakae)
・Tak a ja lubi?. by Gabriella Talinska (CV: Yuki Yagi)
・BOOLEAN_PARADOX/. by Koigasaki Miyabi (CV: Ami Hagi)
・Floccinaucinihilipilificator by Uzuki Kagura (CV: Emi Hirayama)
And one more track.
◆Text-free Opening
◆Text-free Ending
◆PV Collection

Koei Tecmo Games GAMECITY Bonus Serial Code (Exclusive Wallpaper) (First Time)

◆First Time Bonus: Augmented Reality Girls Trinary Initialization Internal Data
◆Outer Case

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