(Blu-ray) Gintama (Live Action Movie) [Regular Edition]

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Release Date:22/11/2017
Catalog Number: 1000697622

Packaged Bonus:
①First Time Bonus
◆32-page Deluxe Visual Book
◆3 Panel Sleeve Case (Hologram Silver Type)
◆Character Card Set x 15 (Movie Ticket Size)
Gintoki Sakata / Shimura Shinpachi / Kagura / Hijikata Toushirou / Okada Nizou / Okita Sougo /
Tetsuko Murata / Hiraga Gengai / Tae Shimura / Kotarou Katsura / Takechi Henpeita / Kijima Matako /
Tetsuya Murata / Kondou Isao / Shinsuke Takasugi
②Video Bonus
◆Video Bonus
◆Visual Commentary
◆Promo Compilation
◆The Making Of Gintama (Making-of & Interview)
Gintoki Sakata Hen / Shimura Shinpachi Hen / Kagura Hen / Hijikata Toushirou Hen / Okada Nizou Hen / Okita Sougo Hen /
Tetsuko Murata Hen / Hiraga Gengai Hen / Tae Shimura Hen / Kotarou Katsura Hen / Takechi Henpeita Hen / Kijima Matako Hen /
Tetsuya Murata Hen / Kondou Isao Hen / Shinsuke Takasugi Ver. / Gintoki VS Takasugi Hen
◆Event Video Collection
・Stage Play Japanese Premiere Address (Director Fukuda, Shun Oguri, Masaki Suda, Kanna Hashimoto, others)
・Stage Play Middle & High School Students Only Limited Preview Address (Director Fukuda, Shun Oguri, Tsuyoshi Muro)
・Stage Play Opening Day Address (Director Fukuda, Shun Oguri, Masaki Suda, Kanna Hashimoto, others)
・Stage Play Big Hit Gratitude Address (Director Fukuda, Masaki Suda & Daisuke Sakaguchi ☆ Double Shinpachi - Dream Recital!)
◆Unreleased Video & Censored Scenes Collection
◆Promo Compilation

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※Please note that bonus content may change without warning.
※Please note that offer ends as soon as bonus stock runs out.

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