(Blu-ray) Amanchu! Advance TV Series Vol.2

(Blu-ray) Amanchu! Advance TV Series Vol.2

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Release Date:20/06/2018
Catalog Number: SHBR-487

Packaged Bonus: Vol.2 Bonus Content
◆ARIA to Amachu! no Yume no Special Collaboration: Miracle Advance Manga Episode 2 - Negai ni Michibikareshi Ressha (TBA)
Each volume of the Amachu! Advance TV Series comes with a bonus manga episode! All four episodes put together reach over 100 pages... brought to you by the blood sweat and tears of Kozue Amano.

Packaged Bonus: Video & Audio Bonus
◆Video Bonus
・No-text ED
◆Audio Bonus: Staff commentary (Diretor Sato, others)

(C)2018 天野こずえ/マッグガーデン・夢ヶ丘高校ダイビング部

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