Ensemble Stars!! "TRIP" Knights Billboard Over animate Ikebukuro Flagship Store

The smash-hit smartphone game "Ensemble Stars!!" album series "TRIP" is getting an installment from Knights, scheduled to hit stores May 22!!

The 14th volume in the series by Knights will include four of their previously released songs, but also three unit songs, solos from each idol, plus a bonus track: a brand-new song by Knights (Leo, Izumi) with Ritsu and Arashi.

To celebrate the upcoming release of this CD, the animate Ikebukuro Flagship Store is advertising with a giant billboard outside!

If you look up at the animate Ikebukuro Flagship Store, you'll see the idols! If you can, be sure to go check it out in person.

*If you go take pictures in person, make sure to check your surroundings are safe, and do not block the way of pedestrians and traffic.
*If taking photos, please make sure to avoid taking photos that include other customers and passersby.
*Please do not direct inquiries to the store staff.

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