Animate is Japan's leading company in anime goods retail. We specialize in authentic licenced CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, character goods and other merchandise relating to anime, manga and games, and are famous among fans of Japanese media for offering exclusive bonuses and original limited editions.

The first animate store was opened in 1983 in Ikebukuro, selling Japanese comic books and anime on VCR tapes. Since then, over 121 stores have been opened across Japan (as of January 2016), including a store in the famous Tokyo Tower. Across our over thirty years of history, we have aimed to not only simply sell goods, but also serve as a cultural hub and gateway to the cutting edge of the Japanese anime scene. We play new anime music videos and clips in our stores, sell tickets and provide information on anime-related events, and even run collaboration cafes where customers can enjoy character-themed food and drink and decorations.


If you come to Japan, by all means, please stop by at an animate store and experience it for yourself! 

We are also dedicated to spreading Japanese media to the rest of the world, making it easier and safer for global fans to purchase purchase authentic, licensed anime merchandise without the need to take chances with auction sites or proxy buyers. We have branches in Taiwan, China, Thailand and the USA, and now this cross-border e-commerce site that aims to offer to global customers to the best of our ability the bonuses, deals and original limited editions that animate is famous for in Japan.

We are adding more and more items to our store regularly, so please keep an eye out for updates, and in the meantime help us spread the word!

animate Online Shop Japan – First established as a mail order sales service for animate Yokohama. A website called animate Mail Order Sales was opened in November 2005. In January 2010 it was re-named the animate Online Shop, and now offers service to customers all over Japan.

animate International – Launched in 2017 with the goal of making it safer and easier for anime fans all over the world to obtain authentic licensed products, as well as bonuses and limited editions created for the Japanese market. The animate International office is located in Ikebukuro, Japan.


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