Merch floor overhaul! Dreams come true at animate Ikebukuro Flagship Store Floor 4! IkeAni Report 4

We're back with another installment of our "IkeAni Report" series, where we give you sneak peeks before the March 16 2023 (Thursday) animate Ikebukuro Flagship Store grand opening. Our fourth report covers Floor 4!

Floors 4 and 5 are dedicated to character merch. This time, we will focus on the situation on the 4th floor. It was huge even before the renovations, so what on earth could it be like now...?

Let's get into it!

Even more loaded with character merch!

Before the renovations, the character merch floors at animate Ikebukuro Flagship Store were Floors 5 and 6. Now, they've been moved to Floors 4 and 5 - and are so spacious you'll be surprised!

Look at all that merch! These pictures are all from Floor 4, and it already looks like as much as the old Floor 5 and 6 combined...!

The walls and floors have been redone, and look beautiful and bright. The aisles have been widened, too. It will be super easy to shop here!

If Floor 4 already looks this full, imagine Floor 5! We're looking forward to the grand opening!

More to come!

The final preparations are underway, and the grand opening is near...! We're excited, too. The grand opening is March 16! 

We will continue to report on the situation at the animate Ikebukuro Flagship Store until then, so make sure to check back later!

Look forward to our next report!