With over 17 million downloads worldwide, CYBIRD's Ikémen Series titles are some of the most popular free-to-play otome game apps from Japan. Each app gives you everything you need to live out a thrilling romance right there on your smart phone, letting you choose the man of your dreams and determine how your love story will play out. The choices you make will lead to either a romantic or a dramatic ending!

Ikémen Series titles are slated for PS Vita release, and have also been adapted into manga, musicals, plays, and anime.

In addition to Japanese and English, Ikémen Series apps are also available in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

What is an Ikémen?

イケメン Ikémen
A hot guy; the man of your dreams.

Simply put, an ikémen is a hot guy - inside and out! He’s sexy and romantic. He knows how to please you. He’s romantic and kind. He’s loyal and true. He always has your back... and he’s ready to fall in love with you.