(Theme Song) When They Cry (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni): Sui: Theme Song Collection

(Theme Song) When They Cry (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni): Sui: Theme Song Collection

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Release Date: 3/4/15
Product Number: FVCG-1335

(C)竜騎士07・07th Expansion/Alchemist (c)2015 KAGA CREATE CO., LTD.

The tragedy isn't over yet.

Theme song collection for When They Cry: Sui for PS Vita & PS3 out now!!

◎When They Cry is a doujin-published, super popular suspense adventure game. When They Cry: Sui is a complete edition of the series, which passed 40 thousand units sold, covering the scenarios from the previous PS2 and Nintendo DS versions, and it has been released on PS Vita & PS3! And,the two new additional theme songs and ending theme have been released in a theme song collection!!

◎Two theme songs written and composed by Chiyomaru Shikura! Vocals are provided by Kanako Ito, who sang the theme song of When They Cry: Kizua Vol. 1 - Tatari for PS2, and Ayane, who sang the theme song of Higurashi Daybreak Portable for PSP!!

◎Ending theme written and composed by dai, responsible for the BGM of the original When They Cry: Kizuna, with vocals courtesy of voice actress Emi Uema!

◎Cover art drawn especially by character designer for the PS2 and Nintendo DS versions, rato!

01. SideEffect by Kanako Ito
02. Ascension by Ayane and Kanako Ito
03. Hitotsu no Inochi by Emi Uema
04. SideEffect -no vocal-
05. Ascension - no vocal -
06. Hitotsu no Inochi - no vocal -
07. Ascension - Karaoke Version w/ Ayane vocals
08. Ascension - Karaoke Version w/ Kanako Ito vocals

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