(Drama CD) Oni ga Shitau wa Tatarigami Drama CD

(Drama CD) Oni ga Shitau wa Tatarigami Drama CD

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Release Date: 02/22/2019
◆BL/Yaoi Genre
Catalog Number: GNG-1923

"I won't let you be alone, Shii-sama. I'll always be by your side."

Tsubakimaru, the son of an oni and a human, is freed from captivity by a tatarigami curse god. The tatarigami rules a decaying forest, living out eternity alone, and Tsubakimaru finds him exceedingly beautiful. He begins to adore the god he names "Shii-sama." As the years pass, Tsubakimaru grows into a young man, and thanks to his oni blood he develops a high libido. So, Shii-sama ends up helping him satisfy his urges - using his tentacle vines...

This voiced adaptation contains everything up to the original comic extra depicting their happy new life together!

In addition to especially-drawn cover art, this item also comes with a booklet featuring an especially-created comic!

≪Character ≫
Tsubakimaru (CV: Sho Nogami)
Half oni, half human. Shii-sama saved him from enemies who had captured him. He sustains himself on energy sucked from Shii-sama's roots. Like all oni, he has a high libido.

Shii-sama (CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa)
Once the god of a beech tree, he became a tatarigami (curse god) when humans cut it down. He controls the bad energies of the forest, and sometimes it wraps him in a miasma.

Sho Nogami
Toshiyuki Morikawa
…and more

(C)Mejiro Haizaki/libre inc.

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