(Blu-ray) The Irresponsible Galaxy☆Tylor

(Blu-ray) The Irresponsible Galaxy☆Tylor

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Release Date:17/11/2017
Catalog Number: DCBD-24

Packaged Bonus:
①A6-sized Booklet (4 color, 8 page)
②Video & Audio Bonus
◆Bonus Clips
・Unbroadcast Episode 1
・No-credits OP
・Promotional Special Episode Complete Version
◆Bonus Audio: Audio Commentary (Cast: Hikaru Koide, Kanon Takao)

A boy meets a girl: an adventure begins.

In the far future... of the far future, the Pan-Galactic Republic has declined, and the empires that were its rivals are in ruins. The people scattered about the galaxy lived in peace.

A young boy named Banjo is gathering trash at the outer shell of the sidereal mega-structure, when he (sort of) saves a girl who had been frozen inside a derelict spaceship.

Enemies who are after the girl begin to spring up all over the galaxy. The girl herself is actually Goza CLXVIII, and she holds the key that will decide the fate of the universe.

The two of them overcome many hardships on their journey to revive the Republic... although they don't seem to really get anywhere. Well, that's okay! It's totally fine! Why not take it easy, have some fun! The curtain raises on this irresponsible captain comedy!

Anime Episodes 1-12

Banjou Ueki Tylor: Hikaru Koide
Goza CLXVIII (Azalyn): Kanon Takao
Yamamoto 372: Hina Higuchi
Dolly: Ayaka Suwa
Makoto Yamamoto: Takuya Eguchi
Hitoshi Yaoshima: Hiro Shimono
Narrator: Emi Nitta


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