(DVD) Playboy☆Slut Club (Yarichin☆Bitch Club) OVA [Morimori Edition]

(DVD) Playboy☆Slut Club (Yarichin☆Bitch Club) OVA [Morimori Edition]

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Release Date: 04/17/2019
Specifications: 2 Disc Set (Main Feature Disc x1 + Bonus CDx1)
Catalog Number: TDV29068D

◆Main Feature
Ep. 1~Ep. 2
◆Bonus Features
・Text-free Theme Song: Touch You (w/ Endless Repeat Function)
・PV 1
・PV 2
・Playboy☆Slut Club (Yarichin☆Bitch Club) OVA [Morimori Edition] Blu-ray & DVD PV
・Touch you Trailer Collection
・Character Trailer Collection

Yusuke Kobayashi
Daiki Hamano
Ayumu Murase
Kentaro Kumagai
Takuya Sato
Yuki Ono
Tsubasa Yonaga
Masahiro Yamanaka
Masatomo Nakazawa


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