(Drama CD) Fudanshi-kun's Citrus Days Drama CD [First Run Limited Edition]

(Drama CD) Fudanshi-kun's Citrus Days Drama CD [First Run Limited Edition]

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Release Date: 04/24/2019
◆BL/Yaoi Genre
Specifications: 2 CD Set/Original Cover Art by Yuo Yodogawa
Catalog Number: FFCL-36

Packaged Bonus: Alternate Cover Art by Yuo Yodogawa

Fudanshi-kun's Citrus Days, the long awaited sequel to Fudanshi-kun's Honey Days by Yuo Yodogawa, has been adapted into a drama CD! The Shiiba x Kouhei couple from the previous title are of course here again, as well as the pair from the Fudanshi-san series: a feels-packed love story about glasses-wearing fundanshi Nijo and pure student Yasuchika! Enjoy both the Fudanshi-kun and Fudanshi-san stories!

First Run Limited Editions come with a second disc featuring a Mimasaka x Kanata mini drama by Yuo Yodogawa, not included in the Fudanshi-kun's Citrus Days main story! Don't miss this lovey-dovey story exclusive to First Run Limited Editions.

■Fudanshi-kun Series (Shiiba x Kouhei)
Fudanshi-kun Kouhei is super excited: he is helping his big sister at a doujinshi event!! He lines up at the circle space for Niratama, of whom he is a massive fan, in order to get the newest book. There he discovers that Niratama is actually a man! When Kouhei invites his beloved author out to chat about fudanshi things, their friendship deepens. However, when Shiiba sees his boyfriend Kouhei take up drawing manga, just like Niratama, he has an odd reaction...

■Fudanshi-san Series (Nijo x Yasuchika)
When his big sister gets married, Yasuchika ends up sharing an apartment with his new relative Nijo. Although you wouldn't guess it to look at them, a long time ago Nijo once helped Yasuchika through a broken heart. Ever since then, Yasuchika has been nursing a secret crush on Nijo! Now they are unexpectedly living together, and Yasuchika's heart is going crazy. He remembers a hot and steamy BL doujinshi he found at school, and in his mind he starts to replace the characters with himself and Nijo...

Kouhei: CV. Yuto Suzuki
Shiiba: CV. Kosuke Toriumi
Yasuchika: CV. Kengo Kawanishi
Nijo: CV. Wataru Komada
Kanata: CV. Natsuki Hanae
Mimasaka: CV. Yoshihisa Kawahara

(C)Yuo Yodogawa 2018

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