(Drama CD) Athletic Guy Looking for Love (Taiikukaikei Danshi no Koikatsu): Instructor Osamu Fukui (CV. Shinsen Ryoku)

(Drama CD) Athletic Guy Looking for Love (Taiikukaikei Danshi no Koikatsu): Instructor Osamu Fukui (CV. Shinsen Ryoku)

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Release Date: 2019/4/12
Catalog Number: GUMO-141
※18+ Recommended.
◆Fully recorded via dummy head microphone.

"This is the part where you say, 'it's because I love you, Osamu-san.'"

For the next 4 months, Hituzigumo is releasing a series of heart-pounding, feels-inducing situation CDs about athletic guys: Athletic Guy Looking for Love! Special attention has been paid to the hot loving, happy end, and interesting heroine backstory.

Presenting breathless, happy moments you will want to listen to every day.

Looking for love ≠ Looking for a spouse!

Spend your 20s running wild, and soon enough you'll find yourself staring down the barrel of marriage. Every time a former classmate or colleague sends you a wedding announcement in the mail, you feel the itch: "I'd better get to it myself sooner or later..."

You know you'll never meet someone great by just waiting around. But, actively "spouse hunting" isn't really your thing, either...

This worry isn't exclusive to women, of course: popular, hot guys feel it too.

"This part of you is honest. It's squeezing my finger so happily." These sensual kisses and caresses have you....

You are nearly at the end of a three month intensive training course with famous instructor Osamu: secretly, you have a crush on him. He's super popular with women and way out of your league, so you haven't told him how you feel... But when you are suddenly invited to a mixer, the two of you end up heading out alone to continue the evening! Then, the alcohol does the talking...

1. All right, three more reps!
2. Do you want to go somewhere else after this?
3. Make Love: In Your Room
4. What? Wait a minute
5. If the answer is yes, let's go to the hotel up there
6. Make Love: At A Hotel
7. Make Love: In The Gym

≪Character ≫
Osamu Fukui (CV: Shinsen Ryoku)
A popular fitness instructor who has appeared in magazines and on TV. He's cheerful and kind, but he tends to get carried away which can lead to misunderstandings.
Age: 29
Height: 180cm
Birthday: April 12
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Haircuts, Head Spa
Address: Shibuya
Job: Fitness Instructor

Osamu Fukui: Shinsen Ryoku

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