(Drama CD) Kurayami Gatari: Seien Suuki (CV. Kenjiro Tsuda)

(Drama CD) Kurayami Gatari: Seien Suuki (CV. Kenjiro Tsuda)

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Release Date: 07/02/2014
Catalog Number: XFCD-14

Presenting volume three of the wonderfully voiced bewitching and frightening one-man ghost story situation CD series: Kurayami Gatari!

Featuring the outstanding acting skills of Kenjiro Tsuda as he tells the entire story alone - brought to life by dummy head microphone audio. You will find yourself gasp in both terror and delight as his fascinating voice draws you in.

It is the Meiji period, and Japan is blooming with the influx of foreign culture. You are a military wife. When you find yourself beset by strange happenings in your home, you happen to hear a rumor about a storyteller named Rokujo Meiya. He is said to be able to exorcise evil spirits, and so you seek him out for help. This is how you find yourself alone with the man, listening to a tale.

"Well now, let me begin..."

It is a tale of fate trapped in madness, blood and loneliness - hidden in the very deepest of darkness...

01. The Rumored Storyteller
02. First Nightmare
03. Fragile Heart
04. Second Nightmare
05. Haunting Phantom
06. Recurring Nightmare
07. Intermission
08. God and Sacrifice
09. Deep in Darkness
10. Escaping Smoke
11. Free Talk: Backstage

Kenjiro Tsuda

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