(Drama CD) High School Boy's First Time (Danshi Koukousei, Hajimete no) Vol 6 - Spoil Me, Teacher [Regular Edition]

(Drama CD) High School Boy's First Time (Danshi Koukousei, Hajimete no) Vol 6 - Spoil Me, Teacher [Regular Edition]

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Release Date: 9/30/16
Catalog Number: GNB-1607

The sensational original BL drama CD series that made waves when it debuted in 2015, "High School Boy's First Time," now introduces a second season - and in this CD, the first teacher!

The third CD from the second season, Vol. 6, brings us a love between a wolf-in-sheeps-clothing honors student seme and a sly messy teacher uke. Presenting the toughest situation in the series!

The eloquent honors student Rokko, and the mysterious fine arts teacher Ota. Rokko is hiding a special attachment towards Ota, a man who belongs to nobody. The two of them maintain a precarious balance, until the dull shine of Ota's navel piercing sends it all crumbling down. Rokko says he will expose his teacher's dirty secret, but...

This high school boy's "first time" is uncut! No fade to black! And no BGM! ☆

All you can do is watch over which way their love will go - put your ear to the wall and listen to the teacher/student climax of the second season of this original BL drama series for yourself!

It's a Sunday, with the cultural festival drawing near. Painting alone in the art room in the evening, Ota finds himself with a visitor: Rokko. Without breaking his eloquent honors student mask, Rokka whispers to Ota: "Hey, Sensei. Would you like to have sex?" Behind Rokka's casual invitation are hidden feelings - how will Ota respond?

≪Character Introductions≫
○Uke: Jin Ota (CV. Tarusuke Shingaki)
29 Years Old. Fine Arts Teacher (Art Club Adviser). Height 177 cm.
An unreadable, free-spirited fine arts teacher. His specialty is oil painting, which he practices in the art room when he has no class. A heavy smoker. Other teachers dislike him, but he is popular with the students. Believe it or not, he is a super alpha male bottom boy and into both D/s and S&M.

○Seme: Ayahito Rokko (CV. Taku Yashiro)
3rd Year High School Student. Student Council Member. Height 182 cm.
A courteous, eloquent member of the student council. The number one honors student and impressive among the academy students. However, behind his perfect mask, he couldn't care less about other people. Only Mr Ota is special to him. He has both a deep longing for and strong attachment to him.

Taku Yashiro
Tarusuke Shingaki

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