(Drama CD) High School Boy's First Time (Danshi Koukousei, Hajimete no) 2nd after Disc - GIFT [Regular Edition]

(Drama CD) High School Boy's First Time (Danshi Koukousei, Hajimete no) 2nd after Disc - GIFT [Regular Edition]

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Release Date: 12/22/16
Catalog Number: GNB-1608

Presenting an omnibus drama CD containing continuations of the stories of the three couples from High School Boy's First Time Vol 4 - 6!

"High School Boy's First Time 2nd after Disc - GIFT" is a single CD jam-packed with the stories of what happened afterwards for these three couples.

Their love stories were only just beginning - don't you want to hear more? Of course, the XXX scenes are uncut! No fade to black! And no BGM!

Christmas and New Year's: the chilly weather is exactly why you share with your lover a hot steamy GIFT!

[ SIDE Masafumi x Aru ] And Thus, We...
After school, on the day of the closing assembly, Aru and Masafumi are staying late to study. Alone in the library, they...

[ SIDE Keito x Harui ] Soft and Sweet, yet Painful
Parents gone, the two of them get to spend Christmas Eve alone together. Harui is filled with excitement, and expectation...

[ SIDE Rokko x Ota ] Like a HONEYMOON
Wanting to ring in the New Year together, Rokko invites Mr Ota on a trip. Their sweet and sensuous New Year's Eve begins!

≪Character Introductions≫
○Aru Sugimoto (CV. Ayumu Murase)
2nd Year High School Student. Film Club Member. Height 172 cm.
A boy who lives in the moment, and has strong communication skills. More into real life than fantasy, and good at getting in with girls. In the autumn of his first year, he watched a piece by Masafumi and, moved, joined the film club. Ever since then, he had harbored unrewarded feelings for Masafumi.

○Masafumi Shido (CV. Makoto Furukawa)
2nd Year High School Student. Film Club Member. Height 177 cm.
A genius who does things at his own pace. He does not mince matters when speaking, and is actually a little arrogant. He showed a film he scripted filmed and edited, starring Aru, at the cultural festival and received high praise.

○Harui Saotome (CV. Toshiki Masuda)
2nd Year High School Student. Track and Field Club Member. Height 178 cm.
The always smiling eldest son of the Saotome family. He loves his younger stepbrother Keito very much. He wants to be able to support him through anything, but he speaks and acts as flippantly as ever.

○Keito Saotome (CV. Yusuke Shirai)
1st Year High School Student. Art Club Member. Height 175 cm.
Second son of the Saotome family. Family is very important to him. Overly serious - even now that he and his stepbrother Harui have shared their feelings, he takes care to leave a little space between them. Although, he no longer tries to push the stubborn Harui away.

○Jin Ota (CV. Tarusuke Shingaki)
29 Years Old. Fine Arts Teacher (Art Club Adviser). Height 177 cm.
Super alpha male. Into both D/s and S&M. A fine arts teacher. It's impossible to see into his heart, but he loves Rokko in his own way.

○Ayahito Rokko (CV. Taku Yashiro)
3rd Year High School Student. Student Council Member. Height 182 cm.
A courteous, eloquent member of the student council. The number one honors student and impressive among the academy students, but he's actually pretty yandere. He loves Mr Ota very much.

Makoto Furukawa
Ayumu Murase
Yusuke Shirai
Toshiki Masuda
Taku Yashiro
Tarusuke Shingaki


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