(Drama CD) Akiyama-Kun Drama CD

(Drama CD) Akiyama-Kun Drama CD

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Specifications: 2CD
Catalog Number: MBRC-5

No matter how many circles I spin, how many times I fall down, I still want to keep chasing behind you.

Shiba is a weedy boy who falls in love with the delinquent gang member Akiyama-kun. Overcome, he confesses on the street - right in front of Akiyama's friends...! They take him to Akiyama's house, kick-starting a chain of events neither boy could have expected!

Bit by bit, the two of them come to understand what's in the other's heart. At first Shiba is overjoyed to be Akiyama-kun's friend(?), but he soon realizes that it is causing distance between Akiyama and his other friends. In the meantime, Shiba's classmate Hoshima takes a creep shot of him and Akiyama kissing. Panicking, Shiba promises to do whatever Hoshima says, under threat of the picture being spread - but that leads to him and Akiyama spending less and less time together...

Presenting an amazing 2-disc set spanning all content from the comic new edition & volume 2, plus two chapters of "Tomomi-chan!"

Kazuyuki Okitsu
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Toshiki Masuda
And more

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