(Drama CD) SecondSecret Drama CD - Baby's lots of Love

(Drama CD) SecondSecret Drama CD - Baby's lots of Love

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Catalog No: KDSD-959

Announcing the second drama CD for Blue Lupinus' the popular BL novel smartphone game SecondSecret!

A continuation of the previous SecondSecret drama CD "Bump of Lovers," the scenario was written by Momono Shiawase, and the cover art was drawn especially by Pekko. This drama CD will feature a story you won't be able to hear anywhere else!

In our universe, there exist countless worldlines. Yes - two of them exist in this very drama CD! In the first, just when he everyone thinks everyone is getting along peacefully, Haruhito, Mafuyu, and Kazuaki all start hitting on him at once: the Chika Harem World. Chika means to take responsibility, and the three of them take him on a liberating trip to southern lands, but...? And the second is a world where Izumi, the owner of Cafe Blue Lagoon, and Chika are lovers. Enjoy a slice of a sweet morning with the two of them.

01. Cinema Etiquette
02. Whodunit
03. Howdunit
04. Riddle Story
05. Cast Free Talk

Chitose Chika: Masatomo Nakazawa
Hanasaki Haruhito: Shuhei Takai
Mononobe Mafuyu: Ei Mochizuki
Kanamori Kazuaki: Ginshiro Onoda
Boss: Takaya Kuroda
Izumi: Makoto Furukawa

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