(Drama CD) Aiken Honey (CV. Makoto Furukawa & Junta Terashima)

(Drama CD) Aiken Honey (CV. Makoto Furukawa & Junta Terashima)

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Release Date: 2/24/2017
Catalog number: MONT-1

In a world where cats, dogs and other pets are naturally "people shaped." Hachi is a faithful dog (?) who loves his master - and is deeply jealous. Hachi's master Kentaro is weak to pressure, and spends his days folding under Hachi's dogged attempts to monopolize his attention. One day, Kentaro gets a fever and has to take a day off from university. One of the girls from his seminar is worried and comes to his apartment to check on him - and the intimate vibe between them makes Hachi explode with jealousy and impatience...

01. Hachi's Jealousy and Playing Alone
02. Please Reward Me
03. Sexy Training - Commence
04. Bind Me Deeper, Harder
05. Take Responsibility!
06. Horny All the Time
07. Owner×Dog=Love
08. Aiken Honey

≪Character Introduction≫
~Secret Sadist Owner Seme~
Kentaro Ikematsu (21) CV. Makoto Furukawa
Birthday: 4/22 Blood: O Height: 182cm Occupation: 3rd Year University Student
A trendy young man who shares an apartment in the city with his dog. Vaguely wants a girlfriend, but since a) his dog Hachi gets super jealous and b) he's a lazy guy in the first place, he's not really doing anything about it. Hachi was a stray he picked up off the streets. Hoping he could raise the puppy to be as faithful as the famous dog Hachiko of Shibuya Station, he named him "Hachi." He folds easily under pressure, but that doesn't mean he is a shy man. He's a little careless toward Hachi, but the truth is he thinks the dog is more adorable than he can stand.

"Don't like it...? As If I'd do that with my pet! You... stupid mongrel!"

~Devoted to his Master, Puppy Uke~
Hachi (about 19 in human years) CV. Junta Terashima
Birthday: Unknown Day Adopted By Kentaro: 11/1 Blood: Never Checked Occupation: Master's Pet
A bright, cheerful "dog" who loves his master Kentaro more than anything. Was abandoned as soon as he was born, but Kentaro took him in. Loves Kentaro so much that he sees any woman that gets close to Kentaro as a threat, and tries to intimidate them. Wants to cross the line between their species and be Kentaro's mate. Brimming with curiosity, once he takes an interest in something he wants to know everything about it. His usual go-to for information is a dog who lives in a house along his regular walkies route known as "Taro-san on Third Street."

"I want to mate with you, Master."

Kentaro Ikematsu: Makoto Furukawa
Hachi: Junta Terashima

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