(Drama CD) Hot And Heavy Escape Room Game (Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game) Vol. 1 - Dudebro Boyfriend (Ore-sama Kareshi hen) (CV. Chasuke)

(Drama CD) Hot And Heavy Escape Room Game (Inmitsu Dasshutsu Game) Vol. 1 - Dudebro Boyfriend (Ore-sama Kareshi hen) (CV. Chasuke)

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Release Date:4/26/17
Binaural recording

Catalog number: NINO-128

Sex plus Escape Room Game! In order to leave a sealed off room, you must make single-minded love to one another...

There will be a new sexy situation CD every month for five months!

From NiNO, the women-oriented romance genre branch of Ninoya, Inc., comes an eagerly-anticipated sexy new situation CD series! The theme this time is Escape Games!

Lost, a man and woman end up locked in an extremely strange hotel room with no escape - unless they complete various "sex missions." The two of them must focus on making love in order to get out of the room. But as they make it through the missions, the love between them starts to deepen...

On your way home together from work one evening, you decide to go on a date in the city. Enjoying yourselves and looking for somewhere private to get steamy, you head into a hotel. Hiroki is antsy and angry, but as you complete the Escape Room missions, he begins to understand your inner feelings... For the lady who wants to be topped hard and bathed head to toe in kisses.

1. Pushy Lover
2. Sealed Room
3. Bathing Together
4. Love Slave
5. Tender Lover
6. First Time
7. Bound Body and Soul

≪Hiroki Tamase≫
The dudebro type who acts like he's cool. Currently a first-year at a company. You've been dating since college. He projects an intense vibe to get his own way, but he's not a bad guy.

≪What is the Hot And Heavy Escape Room Game series?≫
In the singularly strange hotel luXuria, there is one very special room. It is set up so that any loving couple who enters must overcome various missions. And, until they clear all of them, these couples absolutely cannot leave the room. From the light to the slightly hard, this CD contains all kinds of situations that lead to a deeper kind of love. Recorded entirely with 3Dio binaural microphones.


(C)2017 Ninoya, Inc.

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