(Drama CD) Aizoku Blood Birth vol. II - Fumiya Kyougoku (CV. Yotsuya Cider)

(Drama CD) Aizoku Blood Birth vol. II - Fumiya Kyougoku (CV. Yotsuya Cider)

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Release Date:5/2/17
Binaural recording

Catalog number: NINO-121

First an app, then a comic... and now this highly popular Japanese-Gothic x Vampire story is a situation CD for adult ladies!

Fated love: a tainted, blood-stained contract...

From NiNO, the women-oriented romance genre branch of Ninoya, Inc., comes a new sensual situation CD series!

You, one of the "Lilith" line, have joined the generations-old demon hunting Shichike (Seven Houses) as a "Genji."

What lies in wait there are elite vampires chosen by each house. You have chosen one from among them to be your mate...

Your mate is the vampire Fumiya. He has two faces - the elite doctor, and the cruel hunter - and you spend your days with this man seeking your body and your blood. One day, you develop a high fever, and you find yourself being taken into his care...

1. In the Examination Room
2. Between Doctor and Hunter
3. Time as Livestock
4. Disease of a Rare Species
5. Gentle Possession

≪Fumiya Kyougoku≫
An "adult man" who exudes refinement and is accustomed to a life of leisure. By day he is an elite physician at a large hospital, and is very popular with the patients and staff alike.

≪What is Aizoku Blood Birth?≫
A Japanese-Gothic x Vampire themed franchise for women. A smartphone game for iPhone and Android, in-service now, precedes these situation CDs. What's more, a special comic adaptation drawn by the same artist as the games is available now from B's-LOG COMICS. These top-quality vampire situation CDs are made especially for adult ladies. Recorded entirely with 3Dio binaural microphones.

Yotsuya Cider

(C)2017 Ninoya, Inc.

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