(Drama CD) Prison: the Case of Yosuke Hikami (CV. Masato Sakurai)

(Drama CD) Prison: the Case of Yosuke Hikami (CV. Masato Sakurai)

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Release Date: 4/28/17

◆Recommended 18+

This dirty jail love story unfolds in four parts.

Presenting the newest title in this series of "otome games experienced by ear," where you can choose a happy or bad ending, brought to you by OperettaTre!

This love is trapped in a prison of sin.

In a universe mostly like present day Japan. Falsely accused of murdering both her parents, the heroine has been locked up in an infamously cruel prison. For the duration of their sentences, the criminals in this prison are stripped of human rights, and may be sold for staggering amounts as slaves. Trapped in this dark world, will you find a pure love, or madness...?

--In the end, the choice is yours.

Track01. The Best and Worst Meeting
Track02. Passion-drenched Prison
Track03. Fated Crossroads
Track04. Happy End
Track05. Bad End

≪Character Introduction≫
【Yosuke Hikami】
Second son of House Hikami. At first glance he looks like a gentle, friendly young boy, but all the prisoners are afraid of him for some reason. They say that if you make eyes at him, you will immediately be bought up as a slave.

Masato Sakurai


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