(Drama CD) Secret Love (Himekoi) Delta Vol.1 Sosuke x Kazuma ~Love Watches Over (Mimamoru Koi)~ (CV.Yotsuya Cider, Reiji Ayase)

(Drama CD) Secret Love (Himekoi) Delta Vol.1 Sosuke x Kazuma ~Love Watches Over (Mimamoru Koi)~ (CV.Yotsuya Cider, Reiji Ayase)

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Release Date:4/26/17

Recommended +18
All Recorded by Dummy head mic
Catalog number: HKCS-2

Love can be even more intense when it's a secret. I am drowning in my secret love... for two men. Where will our intertwined feelings take us...?

You are a student who has something going on with one of the research assistants at your university, Kazuma Futaki. Sousuke Kuzumi, your inseparable childhood friend since high school, goes to your school too. Your relationship with Kazuma is a secret even from Sousuke, but lately Kazuma has been too busy to meet up, and seeds of doubt have been planted within you.

One day, Kazuma finally breaks up with you, and Sousuke happens to find you crying on campus. When he hears the reason, Sousuke decides to take action...

≪What is Secret Love Delta?≫
Secret love that nobody else can know about, unforgivable feelings that should never have been allowed to come together. And what happens when it turns into a love triangle...?

For the lady whose body burns for secret love comes stories of being thrust between two men. Will you choose your current lover? Or the new man who wants to steal you away? Or...

Secret Love x Love Triangle. A series of stories about forbidden love complicated by hidden feelings.

01. When We Can't Meet
02. Secret Confession
03. Wanting Love
04. Hidden Feelings
05. I Want To Steal You Away
06. The End of Love
07. Just Like That Time
08. Years Worth of Kisses

Yotsuya Cider
Reiji Ayase


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