(Album) Vai! Ya! Vai! by JUNNA

(Album) Vai! Ya! Vai! by JUNNA

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Release Date: 6/21/17
Catalog number: VTCL-60450

Her voice cannot be held back. It resounds on the other side of the world.

Walküre's ace vocalist and youngest singer in Macross Δ (Delta), Junna, makes her highly anticipated solo debut!

01. Vai! Ya! Vai!
Lyrics: Takanori Nishi Composition/Arrangement: Minoru Komorita

Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement:Minoru Komorita 

03. Hiasobi
Lyrics: Yuho Iwasato Composition/Arrangement: Minoru Komorita 

04. Catch Me
Lyrics: JUNNA & Takanori Nishi Composition: SiZK&Stephen McNair

05. Shooting Star
Lyrics: Akiha Uryu Composition: Koichi Tabo Arrangement: Taichi Nakamura

06. Otona wa wakatekurenai 
Lyrics: Bun Onoe Composition/Arrangement: Atsushi Harada

In addition to the above, karaoke versions of tracks ①~⑥ are also included to make 12 tracks total.

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