(Drama CD) Yankees in Love (Koisuru Yankee)

(Drama CD) Yankees in Love (Koisuru Yankee)

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Release Date: 6/20/17
Catalog Number: MONT-5

On his way home from middle school, Aoi Sensaki gets in trouble with some delinquent high schoolers. However, he is saved by a yankee high schooler who happened to pass by, Tohru Kazami.

"If you wanna protect what's important to you, then you gotta toughen up."

Looking up to Aoi, the hero who saved him, when he himself begins high school Tohru becomes a yankee infamous around his local area.

Amid days swallowed up by brawling, a new nurse is appointed to Aoi's high school. In a twist of fate, it is the man who once saved him: Tohru Kazami.

Aoi has finally reunited with the man he looked up to, but bit by bit, his feelings begin to change...

01. My Hero
02. Reunited With the Former-Yankee Nurse
03. Behind the Unwavering Smile
04. Waking Up to Love
05. Confession
06. Misstep
07. Overcoming the Past
08. Bound Feelings
09. Free Talk

≪Character Introductions≫
~Feminist, Former-Yankee Nurse Seme~
Tohru Kazami CV. Yoshiki Nakajima 24 years old 177cm

A nurse newly appointed to Aoi's high school. Will listen to anything a student might need help with, and his good looks and sweet disposition make him very popular with the female students.

He may be working in a school now, but he is a former yankee who was rather badly behaved when he was a high school student. He hides this from the other students, except for Aoi.

He decided to turn over a new leaf and aim to work in schools thanks to a specific event in his past. That event is also the reason why he finds himself drawing away from love now.

~Tsundere Single-minded Pure Yankee Uke~
Aoi Sensaki CV. Sho Nogami 3rd Year High School 17 years old 165cm

Half-American, his blond hair isn't actually dyed. With his flashy looks and competitive spirit, he often gets caught up in trouble.

Wanting to get stronger after meeting Tohru, he became a yankee who picks fights and gets in trouble with other schools.

He has a slight height complex. He is reckless and single-minded, and he's a tsundere who can't be open when he needs to be.

Tohru Kazami: Yoshiki Nakajima
Aoi Sensaki: Sho Nogami

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