(Soundtrack) Bungou to Alchemist Music Collection

(Soundtrack) Bungou to Alchemist Music Collection

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Release Date:05/31/17  

Specification: CD+Booklet
Catalog Number: NCRS-18

In addition to the same 10 tracks that play during the game, this collection features an orchestral arrangement of boss battle theme ""Hatan-suru Haguruma,"" the result of being voted #1 in a Twitter poll, and a strings arrangement of ""Ikou"" ( Library), which was voted #2 on the same poll. Of course, the resoundingly demanded main theme song ""Bungo to Alchemist"" is also included as an orchestral arrangement as well as a piano solo, as well as four additional tracks that haven't appeared in the games yet - a total of 18 tracks.

01. Bungo to Alchemist
02. Ikou
03. Wa
04. Iza Ikimeyamo
05. Mushibami ni Aragau Bunshi-tare
06. Hatan-suru Haguruma
07. Kekka Houkoku - Shouri no Baai
08. Kekka Houkoku - Haiboku no Baai
09. Kairan
10. Secchuu Shokudou
11. Michi no Michi Yuku Bunshi-tare
12. Shoubi ni Aragau Bunshi-tare
13. Kaishin Tomenu Bunshi-tare
14. Kanchou no Odaikyoku
15. Bungo to Alchemist - Piano ver.
16. Ikou -Strings ver.
17. Hatan-suru Haguruma - Orchestra ver.
18. Bungo to Alchemist - Orchestra ver.


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