(Drama CD) Cat and Master (Neko to Goshujin-sama) (CV. Sumibito Murano)

(Drama CD) Cat and Master (Neko to Goshujin-sama) (CV. Sumibito Murano)

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Release Date: 06/20/17
Catalog Number: KZ-19

※Full binaural recording using dummy head mic.

Soma, a vet who loves animals and throws himself into his work, is dumped by his girlfriend.

He vents about it to his pet cat Azure (Abyssinian, female, 3 years old) one night before sleep, and when he opens his eyes, Azure has turned into a human (female, about 28 years old).

Soma doesn't know what on earth happened, but he and the human Azure begin living together.

One day, Soma hears that his ex is now dating his friend, and it seems as though they are set to be married. Azure decides to comfort the wounded Soma. Remembering the things he used to do with his ex on the bed, she approaches Soma with determination.

Soma isn't sure about having let their relationship change so thoughtlessly, but it heals the wounds in his heart. However, the human form bestowed upon Azure by the God of Cats had a time limit: until Soma was back to his old happy self.

Now that Soma is back on his feet, it is time for Azure to become a cat once more. Hearing this from Azure, Soma realizes that somewhere along the way he has fallen in love with the human Azure.

When Soma opens his eyes the next morning, he sees...

01. Pleased To Meet You, Master
02. I Want To Be Useful To You
03. Attending To You In The Bath
04. Because I Want To Comfort You
05. Lonely Smile
06. Goodbye
07. Forever After

Soma Shibasaki (29) CV: Murano Juunin. A vet working at a large pet clinic. He owns an Abyssinian cat named Azure (3 years old, about 28 in human years.) An animal lover, he throws himself into his work and is stuck in a pattern of getting dumped by girls who tell him, ""So long as you have animals, you clearly don't need me!"" Gentle-mannered and conscientious when conducting medical exams, he is very popular among the nurses and owners of his patients alike (he doesn't notice this, though.) In private, he's a bit of an airhead who doesn't resist when pushed.

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