(Album) Bokura no Polaris by Lily Sayonara

(Album) Bokura no Polaris by Lily Sayonara

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Release Date: 06/21/17    
Catalog Number: VMAN-16

He debuted in 2015 with his first mini album "Lily Sayonara" (also styled "Lily,sayonara.") The song "Flashback" from his second mini album "Happy End de Aimashou" was a smash hit selected as the "2015 Central Tokyo Radio 7-Channel Super Push!" title. The third album that went on sale after that, "Doushite Kimi wa Sekai de Hitori," reached #4 on the online music distributors real-time charts and #3 on the J-POP charts - his previous titles also entered the charts, all making exceptional sales. Even now, downloads are increasing thanks to the word of mouth online and off.

And now, Hiroki's project Lily Sayonara brings to you a mini concept album featuring two brand new songs on top of six tracks: "Bokura no Polaris."

A short story unfolds along with the music of each track. Hiroki himself wrote the scripts - allowing you to feel the world inside his music even more clearly. With a sprinting beat and positive lyrics, the leading piece "Boku no Polaris" allows you to get a glimpse of a new side of Lily Sayonara. The other new piece "Sotsugyo Zenya" is a grand ballad telling the story of the days between meeting a precious friend and graduation. The two songs are like night and day, to be enjoyed along with the story. In addition to them, the tracks "Haru no Yuki," "Kimi no Nioi," "Snow - Kimi ga Kureta Monogarari," and "Ryusei Drive" from the first mini album have been included with new stories connected - these old songs reborn are very much worth listening to again.

The short stories are presented by two young stars: super popular voice actor Toshiki Masuda, who made his debut in "the Prince of Tennis Musical" and recently played Kashuu Kiyomitsu in TV anime "Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru," and Sachika Misawa, who has played the heroines in many popular titles and is also currently branching out as a singer.

These pieces, heartbreaking and yet warm, will captivate the hearts of listeners.

1. Boku no Polaris from Polaris
2. Haru no Yuki from Polaris
3. Ryusei Drive from Polaris
4. Kimi no Nioi from Polaris
5. Snow - Kimi ga Kureta Monogarari from Polaris
6. Sotsugyo Zenya from Polaris
7. Boku no Polaris
8. Sotsugyo Zenya

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