(Drama CD) Oresama Residence - The Three Saionji Brothers Drama CD

(Drama CD) Oresama Residence - The Three Saionji Brothers Drama CD

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Release Date:9/27/17

Stay away from these three brothers, they're dangerous.

Presenting an exciting romantic comedy character CD from Otomate Records, about three rich, selfish brothers living under one roof: Oresama Residence - The Three Saionji Brothers!

For reasons, you have become the housekeeper of the grand mansion belonging to the Saionji family. However, this mansion is the home of three selfish, arrogant, and ignorant brothers! The egotistical things they spout keep blowing your mind...! 99% danger, 1% crush!? Eccentric days with the brothers await!!

Shunsuke Takeuchi plays the D/s king eldest son Fuji, Taku Yashiro plays the inconsistent personality flipping Ran, and Soma Saito plays the cheeky little devil third son Gen - a gorgeous cast that will have your heart pounding.

You have come to work for the Saionji family - and find yourself in the middle of a luxurious harem situation with three brothers all scrambling after you. In upcoming character CDs, we will shine a spotlight on each brother, allowing you to enjoy a sweet and personalized love story for each of them!

The art is by Norita, a brilliant newcomer illustrator who served as the character designer for Otomate Records' RUNLIMIT series. The theme song for this title, "Sakuran Territory (Confusion Territory)" is performed by the voice actors of the three Saionji brothers, Shunsuke Takeuchi, Taku Yashiro and Soma Saito.

Let these three arrogant, selfish brothers turn you upside down in this heart-pounding, unprecedented romantic comedy: SamaResi! Why not set foot inside the dangerous territory of the Saionji mansion?

1. - The Three Saionji Brothers
2. - Housekeeper = Consumable Goods?
3. - Fuji the Eldest Son
4. - Ran the Second Son
5. - Gen the Third Son
6. - Who is Taming Who
7. - Saionji War
8. - Confusion Territory (short ver.)

Shunsuke Takeuchi
Taku Yashiro
Soma Saito


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