(Drama CD) I Can't See You As My Subordinate (Buka to shite Mirenai) (CV. Kakeru Yumachi)

(Drama CD) I Can't See You As My Subordinate (Buka to shite Mirenai) (CV. Kakeru Yumachi)

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Release Date: 9/10/17
◆Fully recorded using dummy head microphone
Catalog Number: KZ-22

Something about your subordinate Rei catches your eye. However, as his superior, you aren't about to define that as romantic attraction. When Rei is promoted to senior staff, he gets new suits and a new attitude - and starts to stand out in the looks department. What's more, he asks you a rather personal favor that the old Rei would never have - to help him buy a pair of glasses that suit him. You go shopping with him, but...

01. Break Time
02. Something's Different
03. After a Shopping Trip That Ended Early
04. I Just Didn't Notice
05. An Athletic Guy
06. I Can't See You As My Subordinate
※Fully recorded via dummy head mic. Binaural audio.

≪Character Introduction≫
Rei Nitta, 26. Your subordinate at work. Seems plain - wears big glasses and baggy suits. His achievements at work don't really stand out, either - you've always thought it a pity, since he clearly does do a good job. As a student he was a member of the swim club, and even now he a rather athletic type who swims as a hobby. He looks mild-mannered... but he has a bold side, too.

Kakeru Yumachi

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