(Drama CD) Koiiro Shihyo: Another Film - Haruto Nishina (CV. Makoto Furukawa)

(Drama CD) Koiiro Shihyo: Another Film - Haruto Nishina (CV. Makoto Furukawa)

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Release Date:06/12/2017
Catalog Number: XFCD-33

Presenting the sequel to FILM.3 Haruto Nishina (Jan 2017) from the Koiiro Shihyo character CD series by Otomate Records!

This CD contains a mini drama depicting happy days with your lover set three months after the events of "Tears of Love" from the previous series - as well as a cover of the theme song Mabataki no Aida ni by the amazing Makoto Furukawa, famous for providing beautiful vocals to many anime and video game character songs!

This is the sequel all fans of Koiiro Shihyo have been waiting for. The cover art was drawn especially by Tooru, famous for dynamic compositions and aesthetics that capture vivid snapshots of characters, and the scenario was provided once again by Touri Kozuka, who has worked on many novelizations and game scenarios. 

Don't miss this even sweeter new installment in the world of Koiiro Shihyou!

※This story stands alone, and you can enjoy it with no experience of the previous titles.

You've been filled with warm and fuzzy feelings ever since the day he said he was in love with you... Three months ago, you and teen model and high school student Haruto Nishina went public with your relationship. Haruto used to talk about how much he loved the ladies, but now you're the only one for him. He gushes about you so much that his friends are a bit sick of it. One month from your birthday, Haruto starts forming a secret plan to make you happier than anyone else... Celebrate your birthday - enjoy another love story.

Scene 1: One Winter Day
Scene 2: Thinking of You
Scene 3: Surprise gift
Scene 4: Mabataki no Aida ni / Vocals: Haruto Nishina (CV. Makoto Furukawa)
Scene 5: Happy Birthday Dear…

≪Character Introduction≫
Haruto Nishina

"That I could meet you, that I could be with you, that every day is so happy... all of this and more. I think I knew that if today had never come I would have lost what I was wishing for."

Third year high school boy. Currently working as a teen model in addition to attending school. He used to talk about how much he loved the ladies, but now he is devoted to his girlfriend. He's easygoing and up for anything, but he has learned how to behave so that he doesn't lead girls on. He always has a goofy grin on his face. He speaks very casually, but his inner thoughts and feelings rarely show.

Haruto Nishina: Makoto Furukawa

(c)IDEA FACTORY/axcell

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