(Drama CD) Kimi Koi Signal Drama CD

(Drama CD) Kimi Koi Signal Drama CD

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Release Date: 2018/01/24
Catalog Number: XFCD-44

--Won't stop! Can't keep going? Time to rampage!?

Introducing Kimi Koi Signal - a series of character CDs by Otomate Records that depict three childhood friends enjoying romance at the height of their high school days!

Listen in on conversations between boys of a particular school agonizing over their budding crushes on you, and let them love you - these character CDs are bursting with heart-pounding moments of romance.

Meet Akabane Junta (CV. Makoto Furukawa), a jack-of-all-trades and master of none who daydreams about love, Aoyama Kazuyuki (CV. Takuya Satou), a boy who is confident about success with girls and who lives life on easy mode, and Kise Haruna (CV. Masatomo Nakazawa), a black-hearted wolf-in-sheep's-clothing who hates romance - and enjoy the stellar voice acting by this lineup of talent.

All three appear in this drama CD. What is love? How did they fall for you? How will they confess...? Feel your heart squeeze as you peek in on the cute thoughts these high school boys have on romance, and cheer them on in their pursuit of love.

Akabane Junta: Makoto Furukawa
Aoyama Kazuyuki: Takuya Satou
Kise Haruna: Masatomo Nakazawa


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