(Drama CD) Kimi Koi Signal: BLUE x Aoyama Kazuyuki (CV. Takuya Satou)

(Drama CD) Kimi Koi Signal: BLUE x Aoyama Kazuyuki (CV. Takuya Satou)

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Release Date: 03/28/2018
Catalog Number: XFCD-46

--Won't stop! Can't keep going? Time to rampage!?

Introducing Kimi Koi Signal - a series of character CDs by Otomate Records that depict three childhood friends enjoying romance at the height of their high school days!

Listen in on conversations between boys of a particular school agonizing over their budding crushes on you, and let them love you - these character CDs are bursting with heart-pounding moments of romance.

Experience bittersweet love stories unfold as each of the characters fight to make their romantic dreams with you come true.

Each character's personality and approach to love are based on a traffic light color - enjoy how love helps them to grow and move past their weaknesses.

They always had fun together, just the three of them - and then you came along, and the lights changed color.

What will this signal mean for these boys in the bloom of youth, and where will it take you...


"Hey... how do you get someone to realize you like them?"

In the winter of his second year of high school, Kazu finds himself being summoned by an older student and fellow prefect. He's sure she's about to ask him out, but it turns out he was completely wrong...

He opens up to his childhood friends Junta and Haru that there's someone he's into, but the fact is that up until now Kazu has had a 100% success rate when it comes to scoring dates, and he is struggling over how to handle this. He means to just mess around, but after day after day with this indifferent girl, something starts to change within Kazu...

I didn't think love had anything to do with being still. But now... I want you to look at me so bad my legs are shaking, and I can't move...

Road 1: Terrible First Impression
Road 2: Obligation Chocolate
Road 3: Delayed Pain
Road 4: Clumsy Congratulations
Road 5: Don't Want to Say Goodbye
Road 6: Sweet Revenge
Road 7: Not a Dream
Road 8: Hatsukoi Signal (short ver.) / Vocals: SHOJI

≪Character Introduction≫
Aoyama Kazuyuki (CV. Takuya Satou)
BLUE × Confident in Love and Living on Easy Mode Boy
Target of Affection: The Beautiful and Strict Older Head Prefect

"Are you really saying you aren't interested in me? Nice. Of course you aren't. That's hilarious. I'll have you falling hard and fast before you know it. I'm warning you, my success rate when it comes to scoring dates is 100%."

Popular, good looking boy who lives life on easy mode. He's never been through any kind of hardship, which has left him extremely self confident and unafraid of anything. He's good at getting people to baby him like a little brother - part of him loves attention. He divides everything very clearly into things he loves and things he hates, which means his grades in different subjects are startlingly different, but when he decides to try at something he goes at it with everything he has. His childhood friends Junta and Haru are the only two people he can show his weaknesses, and he cares for them deeply. He has the most fun whenever the three of them can hang out. Once he decides he's into a girl, he never hesitates before piling on the pressure and pursuing her with single minded determination - and he has a 100% success rate when it comes to scoring dates! What happens next is another story, though. He easily gets carried away and distracted by other things, and his girlfriends often dump him. He hasn't got any serious experience when it comes to love. He's got the numbers to boast about, so he is always giving Junta and Kazu smug advice, but he couldn't tell them how to make someone stay. Right now, however, the girl he likes isn't falling for any of his usual tricks, and right from the beginning things have been a struggle...

Aoyama Kazuyuki: Takuya Satou


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