(Drama CD) Kimi Koi Signal: YELLOW x Kise Haruna (CV. Masatomo Nakazawa)

(Drama CD) Kimi Koi Signal: YELLOW x Kise Haruna (CV. Masatomo Nakazawa)

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Release Date: 04/25/2018
Catalog Number: XFCD-47

--Won't stop! Can't keep going? Time to rampage!?

Introducing Kimi Koi Signal - a series of character CDs by Otomate Records that depict three childhood friends enjoying romance at the height of their high school days!

Listen in on conversations between boys of a particular school agonizing over their budding crushes on you, and let them love you - these character CDs are bursting with heart-pounding moments of romance.

Experience bittersweet love stories unfold as each of the characters fight to make their romantic dreams with you come true.

Each character's personality and approach to love are based on a traffic light color - enjoy how love helps them to grow and move past their weaknesses.

They always had fun together, just the three of them - and then you came along, and the lights changed color. 

What will this signal mean for these boys in the bloom of youth, and where will it take you...

≪Character Information≫
Kise Haruna (CV. Masatomo Nakazawa)
YELLOW x Black-hearted Wolf-in-Sheeps-Clothing Who Hates Romance
Target of Affection: His Past First Grade Home Room Teacher

"Miss, you're single, right? I don't get it, you're so pretty. Hey, don't be mad. I was just thinking how lucky I am. ...Wait, did you take that seriously? You're blushing."

Constantly wears a gentle smile, and gives off a warm and fluffy mood. A popular boy, everyone around him thinks of him as a comforting presence. However, the truth is, he's a black-hearted sadist who is only keeping up appearances. He usually loves to tease Junta and Kazu, but whenever his two childhood friends are in a sticky situation he will help them right away. He feels as though he can be himself the most when he's with them. Usually, neither love nor friendship can draw out his most inner self. Whenever he dates someone, he sees through them immediately and his feelings go cold. He's very clever at breaking up with girls in a way that ensures they stay friends and won't cause him trouble in the future, and the number of people who like him continues to grow. He is completely opposite to Kazu regarding romance, and is 100% passive. He still doesn't really get what the big deal about love is. But just as he starts to think Junta and Haru descending into sappy romance dreamland is boring, he realizes that his two friends aren't the only ones who can draw out his most inner self...

Kise Haruna: Masatomo Nakazawa


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