(Drama CD) Love♡Life: Super Darling Student Club President (Koi♡Katsu - Supadari Seito Kaichou) (CV. Fuyuno Kumaniku)

(Drama CD) Love♡Life: Super Darling Student Club President (Koi♡Katsu - Supadari Seito Kaichou) (CV. Fuyuno Kumaniku)

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Release Date: 01/11/2018
Planning/Scenario: Mido Saizen
Character Designer/Illustrator: Yukijirushi
◆Binaural audio
Catalog Number: CHBL-18

Asou Manato is both the captain of the tennis club as well as the student council president. He has excellent grades, excellent sports skills, and an excellent face. On top of that, he was born into a prestigious family. All in all, he's the ideal man - and he's your boyfriend. Compared to Manato, who is perfect in every way, you are plain and ordinary - and fearing this will make people hate you, you've been dating in secret. One day, another student sees the two of you kissing in the student council room - and the rumor that you and Manato are dating begins to spread around school. When some girls who don't like you associating with Manato attack you, the shock causes you to gradually put distance between you...

"Love" and "school life" - explore these themes with this bittersweet romance situation CD.

01. Secret Rendezvous
02. Imbalanced Love
03. At His House
04. Proof of Love
05. True Love
06. The Real Beauty Is
07. A Girl Who Suits You

≪Character Introductions≫
Asou Manato
High School 3rd Year - 18yo
Tennis Club Captain/Student Council President
So sexy and good looking it's hard to believe he's a high school student. He's stolen the hearts of every girl in school. He looks like a kind gentleman, but he's actually very devious. What's more, he has great faith in himself... and a huge head. He's been surrounded by girls willing to spoil him ever since he was little, so your blunt attitude fascinated him in a way no other girl ever had, and he fell for you. You've been dating for three months. He loves your fingers. Whenever you're alone in the student council room, he will grab your hand and kiss them. What's more, when you're in bed, he...!

High School 2nd Year - 17yo
Tennis Club Member/Student Council Secretary 
A plain girl who doesn't stand out. You've never really cared how you look - which may be the reason you've never had a boyfriend until now. When Manato asked you out, you thought he was joking and turned him down. When he didn't give up for an entire year, you were moved into accepting. Even so, you aren't confident about dating such a popular guy.

Asou Manato: Fuyuno Kumaniku

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