(Drama CD) Being Married (Fuufu no ari Kata) (CV. Kawamura Masato)

(Drama CD) Being Married (Fuufu no ari Kata) (CV. Kawamura Masato)

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Release Date:11/01/2018
◆Fully recorded by dummy head microphone
Catalog Number: KZ-26

Although Wataru does consider going back to work, he handles the housework every day. He likes to do it very much, to the point where it is a hobby - and you tell him there's no rush for him to get a job. But Wataru tells you that if the two of you have a baby, it will cost a lot of money to raise, and he will want to work for the family too. You tell him that he can do that when the time comes, but he may as well be a full time house husband til then. With that conversation one thing leads to another, and you end up trying for a baby...

01. Morning of a House Husband
02. Husband and Wife Talk
03. First Time In A While & First Time...
04. How To Spend A Day Off
05. New Shape
06. New First Step

≪Character Introduction≫
Amami Wataru, 29
You now work at a bank, but you met him in your college days and are married. Two years ago, he got ill and had to quit his job to stay in hospital. After that, he recovered at home, little by little picking up the housework. He's completely better now, but as he loves housework he has become your capable house husband. Kind, gentle and considerate.

Kawamura Masato

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