(Album) CYNICISM by Neru [Regular Edition]

(Album) CYNICISM by Neru [Regular Edition]

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Release Date:03/28/2018
Catalog Number: GNCL-1278 

01. CYNICISM is (instrumental)
02. SNOBBISM (feat. z'5)
03. I~yai~yai~ya (feat. z'5)
04. Kutabarou ze
05. Haisha no March 
06. Dappou Rock
07. Shissou Tune
08. Soredemo Boku wa Utawanakucha
09. Kono Rettoukan wo Sukutte Kure
10. Nihil to Suibotsu Toshi (feat. z'5) 
11. Sutego no Stela (feat. z'5) 
12. Nee, Rain (feat. z'5) 
13. Nante Bussou na Jidai da
14. Byoumei wa Ai datta (feat. z'5) 

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