(Album) Camellia/GALAXY BURST

(Album) Camellia/GALAXY BURST

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Release Date: 03/21/2018
Catalog Number: QWCE-90016

≪Tracklist TBA≫
♪. GALAXY BURST / かめりあ (Brand-new Song)
♪. Bangin' Burst (Long ver.) / かめりあ [SOUND VOLTEX II]
♪. Dyscontrolled Galaxy (Long ver.) / かめりあ [SOUND VOLTEX IV]
♪. Chirality (Long ver.) / かめりあ [REFLEC BEAT groovin'!!]
♪. overcomplexification (Long ver.) / かめりあ [jubeat prop]
♪. Blastix Riotz (Long ver.) / かめりあ as “Bang Riot” [SOUND VOLTEX III]
♪. {albus} (Long ver.) / かめりあ [MUSECA]
♪. EMPIRE OF FLAME (Long ver.) / かめりあ [SOUND VOLTEX III]
♪. べィスドロップ・フリークス (2018 Update) / かめりあ feat. ななひら [beatmania IIDX 22 PENDUAL]
♪. ロウスタイル・ボム / かめりあ feat. ななひら (Brand-new Song)
♪. Title TBA / Quarks(kradness×Camellia) (Brand-new Song)
...and more! (18 tracks total including 6 brand new songs)


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