(Drama CD) squabble-couple (ken-couple) reversible relation

(Drama CD) squabble-couple (ken-couple) reversible relation

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Release Date: 05/11/2018
Catalog Number: MONT-16

When he started high school, Tatsuki was expecting a fun new life ahead. However, the reality was a lot harsher. . . Instead of dates, he finds his days taken up by supplementary lessons and homework.

One day, Tatsuki finds out that his classmate Yuki has a crush on him. Yuki and Tatsuki have polar opposite personalities - and their first meeting was terrible. At first, Tatsuki rejects Yuki's sudden confession: "As if I could ever date another dude!" But. . . ?

※This title contains scenes where the top/bottom (seme/uke) isn't definite.

1: First Meeting
2: He Has a Crush on a Man
3: I Think I Like You. . . !
4: Who's Going to Bottom?
5: Will We Break Up?
6: From Now On
7: Free Talk

Kudo Yuki, 2nd Year High School (CV. Atsushi Kousaka)
Gives off a cool and serious vibe. Same age as Tatsuki and Keita. In middle school, he prioritize his studies over romance. He used to make fun of people who made such a big deal about romance - until he met Tatsuki, and his outlook changed.
Height: 177cm

Hanabusa Tatsuki, 2nd Year High School (CV. Sho Nogami)
An energetic puppy. Same age as Yuki. He's never dated anyone before, and self-conscious about being a virgin. Good at sports, hates to study. His first impression of Yuki was terrible, but now he can look past the rudeness and thinks of him as a friend.
Height: 175cm

Enose Keita, 2nd Year High School (CV: Yukitoshi Kikuchi)
A mutual friend of Tatsuki and Yuki.

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