(Album) Kourin by Himegami CRISIS

(Album) Kourin by Himegami CRISIS

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Release Date: 04/04/2018

Catalog Number: EMBL-1009

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♪. Kourin -The Advent of HIMEGAMI-
♪. Jikuu no Hana
♪. Wasurenagusa
♪. Kyouka Suigetsu
♪. Dare yori Aishitai Dake na no ni
♪. Kazamidori
♪. Shippuu Ranbu
♪. Akai Ito -Eternal Love-

Kourin -The Advent of HIMEGAMI- Concept Video
Shippuu Ranbu -Album Edition-
Jikuu no Han a-Album Edition-
Kyouka Suigetsu -Full Size Edition

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