(Drama CD) Stray Bullet Baby

(Drama CD) Stray Bullet Baby

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Release Date: 07/25/2018
◆BL/Yaoi Genre
Specifications: Exclusive cover art by Kei Ichikawa
Catalog Number: FFCL-30

"The most beautiful person in the world, the one I admire..."

A romance between a loyal puppy and a stubborn beauty. Kei Ichikawa's first BL story about working adults has finally been adapted into a drama CD!

Stray Bullet Baby has grabbing attention since it began serialization in digital BL magazine Honey Milk - and now it has been adapted into a drama CD featuring an unmissable cast. This deluxe CD includes not only the original story, but a brand-new episode written by Kei Ichikawa AND a cast talk!

Murakami Chihiro (CV. Yuki Ono), who works at a movie advertising agency, has always admired someone: the fashionable editor of a client fashion magazine, Honna Kiyoharu (CV. Toshiki Masuda). He has never spoken to the man, instead only watching him from afar. However, when they are seated together at an after-work gathering for drinks, he ends up being the one to help an intoxicated Honna get home - where he receives a confusing drunken kiss from the man. What will happen when he is threatened into visiting his home again?

Yuki Ono
Toshiki Masuda

(C) 市川けい/講談社

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