(Drama CD) Androidays ver. Terusero (CV. Isamu Kuroi) [Regular Edition]

(Drama CD) Androidays ver. Terusero (CV. Isamu Kuroi) [Regular Edition]

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Release Date: 06/27/2018
◆18+ Recommended
◆Fully recorded via dummy head microphone
Scenario: Kougami Riruka
Art: Naoya Mika
Catalog Number: VNRC-652

I can make any woman melt into a total puddle. Make sure you're ready for me.

You are a scientist working on developing male sexbots designed to provide comfort for ladies. You have finally finished work on the sexbot Terusero, who starts giving you arrogant orders as soon as he wakes up - and even starts to pleasure you by force...?

≪Character Introduction≫
Terusero CV: Isamu Kuroi
Very confident in his skill as a sexbot. Does some really crazy things sometimes, but he's honest at heart.


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