(Drama CD) BBB Traplip TYPE 5 Broadway Director (CV. Yuto Suzuki)

(Drama CD) BBB Traplip TYPE 5 Broadway Director (CV. Yuto Suzuki)

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Release Date: 12/26/2018
Catalog Number: SK-41

Have you ever heard of the "Three Bs" you should never date? They say there are three main jobs that attract girls, but make dating hell: Band members, beauticians and bartenders. The thing is, you've gone and fallen in love with one. In addition to the original 3Bs, there are some other "B" jobs that make dating hell: presenting the new B boyfriends.

You have just begun a career as an actress. One night, you attend a party where you meet up-and-coming Broadway director Misonou Akira. Many people, including yourself, are fascinated by his productions, which draw modest crowds. He works on his screenplays himself, and he has been proclaimed a genius in nearly no time at all.

Since he is so talented and famous, every time a new production begins, there are prying eyes ready to gossip about him and the new lady by his side. Somewhere secret deep inside, this has started taking a toll on his mental health.

And now, this man seems to be developing a real interest in you...

Yuto Suzuki

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