(Blu-ray) Double Mints: Live Action Movie [Special Edition]

(Blu-ray) Double Mints: Live Action Movie [Special Edition]

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Release Date:25/10/2017
Catalog Number: PCXE-50781

Packaged Bonus: Special Edition Bonus
◆Bonus Clips
・Special Making-of
・Unreleased Scene Colellection
◆Interview Collection Part 1
・Yasushi Fuchikami x Shunsuke Tanaka 2 Short Interview
・Yasushi Fuchikami (After Filming)
・Shunsuke Tanaka (After Filming)
◆Interview Collection Part 2
・Director Eiji Uchida
・Yasushi Fuchikami
・Shunsuke Tanaka
・Kenta Suga
・Syunpei Kawagoishi
・Ami Tomite
◆Stage Greetings Collection
◆Announcements Collection
◆Bonus Audio
・Asumiko Nakamura (original creator) x Eiji Uchida (director, writer) Audio Commentary
◆Special Booklet (20 pages)

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