(Blu-ray) A Sister's All You Need TV Series Blu-ray BOX Part 1

(Blu-ray) A Sister's All You Need TV Series Blu-ray BOX Part 1

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Release Date:26/01/2018
Catalog Number: BCXA-1310

Packaged Bonus: Part 1 BOX Bonus
◆Character Song CD (Solo Track x 3)
1. Suki Desu Daisuki Aishitemasu / Vocals: Kanina Yuta (CV. Hisako Kanemoto)
2. Mirai e no Compass / Vocals: Shirakawa Miyako (CV. Ai Kakuma)
3. Dairokkan no Mistress / Vocals: Ashley Ono (CV. Manami Numakura)
4. Suki Desu Daisuki Aishitemasu (off vocal)
5. Mirai e no Compass (off vocal)
6. Dairokkan no Mistress (off vocal)
◆Drama CD - Binaural audio drama feat. scenario written especially by Yomi Hirasaka
◆Radio CD: A Sister and Ai Kakuma and Akane Fujita's All You Need Official Trip Edition / Cast: Ai Kakuma, Akane Fujita, others
◆End Card Collection (6 Cards)
◆Deluxe Booklet
◆Bonus Footage
・Original Twitter Anime (x 4)
① Chihiro's All You Need
② Nayuta's All You Need
③ Miyako's All You Need
Bly-ray-BOX Exclusive: Toki's All You Need
・Celebrating Little Sister's Day! First Advanced Screening Event Digest Footage (9/6/2017@Shinjuku Piccadilly)
Hosted by Yusuke Kobayashi, Nozomi Yamamoto, Hisako Kanemoto, Ai Kakuma & Akane Fujita
・Episode 1 Text-free Ending Movie
・Episode 2 Text-free Ending Movie
・Text-free Opening Movie
・Text-free Ending Movie
・Episode 4 Text-free Ending Movie
◆Audio Bonus - Cast Audio Commentary
◆Box feat. Exclusive Illustration by Character Planner Kantoku
◆Exclusive Inner Illustration by Character Designer Sumie Kinoshita


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