(Blu-ray) PERSONA SUPER LIVE P-SOUND BOMB!!!! 2017: Minato no Hankou wo Mokugeki seyo!

(Blu-ray) PERSONA SUPER LIVE P-SOUND BOMB!!!! 2017: Minato no Hankou wo Mokugeki seyo!

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Release Date: 08/29/2018
Catalog Number: LNXM-1220

[Blu-ray Disc: Main Feature]
01. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
02. Burn My Dread
03. Pursuing My True Self
04. PSB2017 Everyday Mix
・Beneath the Mask
・Signs Of Love
・When The Moon's Reaching
Out Stars
05. Life Will Change
06. Tokyo Emergency
07. Mass Destruction
08. Deep Breath Deep Breath
09. Reach Out To The Truth
-First Battle-
10. Last Surprise
11. Phantom
12. Tokyo Daylight
13. key plus words -TV size ver. -
14. Break Out Of. . .
15. Laser Beam
16. Will Power
17. Beneath the Mask -rain-
18. Blooming Villain
19. Kiri
20. Keeper of Lust
21. Subete no Hito no Tamashii no Tatakai
22. Junes Theme
23. Persona Orchestra Medley 2017
・Subete no Hito no Tamashii no Uta
・Seisou Kishidan
・Our Beginning
24. Burn My Dread -Last Battle-
26. Time To Make History
27. The Whims of Fate
28. Rivers In the Desert
29. P3D x P5D OP Mix
30. Kimi no Kioku
31. Light the Fire Up in the Night
32. Life Will Change
33. Never More
34. Hoshi to Bokura to

[Blu-ray Disc 2: Bonus Features]
◆30min Making-of Feature: Behind the scenes of PSB2017
◆PSB2017 Alternate Angle Compilation Edition
・PSB2017 Everyday Mix (Triple Vocal Fixed Footage)
・Mass Destruction
~Deep Breath Deep Breath (Alternate POV Footage)
・Phantom (Guest Seating Walkway Feature Footage)
・Laser Beam (Alternate POV Footage)
・Will Power (P5 MC Dedicated Camera)
・Kiri (Shoji Meguro Dedicated Camera)
・Keeper of Lust (Band Member Dedicated Camera)
◆Yokohama Arena Incident: Phantom Theif Infiltration Video Evidence
◆Welcome Greeting Music: Your Affection
◆Event Announcements
・Yusuke Kitagawa Ver.
・P3 MC Ver.
・Nanako Dojima Ver.

Kawamura Yumi
Lotus Juice
Shihoko Hirata
Shoji Meguro

(C)ATLUS (C)SEGA All rights reserved

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