(Blu-ray) Mirai (film) [Special Edition]

(Blu-ray) Mirai (film) [Special Edition]

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Release Date: 01/23/2019
Catalog Number: VPXT-71675

Packaged Bonus: Bonus Content
◆3 Panel Display Box feat. Exclusive Art by Animation Director Hiroyuki Aoyama
◆Pamphlet Pocket Edition Booklet (32P)
◆Bonus Features
・Promo Video Collection
・Event Footage Collection
・Cannes Film Festival
・Director Mamoru Hosoda Interview [Complete Edition]
・Cast Interview Collection
・Cast Talk [Complete Edition]
・Release Celebration Feature: A New World by Director Mamoru Hosoda
・Director Mamoru Hosoda's Stage: Kamiichi, Toyama
・Anime Studio Secrets: As Seen by Gen Hoshino
・Tie-in Collection
・Our Future: Director & Cast
※Subject to change without notice.


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